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How important are office perks?


There’s no question that doing what you enjoy makes for a happier, healthier and more satisfying career. Aside from guiding you to do what you love, we’re seeing an increasing number of articles and discussions focussed on employee happiness and achieving a better work/life balance.

We feel it’s a topic that will continue to reoccur and evolve as little-by-little, employers embrace a new, more balanced, way of working.

We’ve also noticed more wide ranging employee benefits packages which show that things are slowly moving on from the standard contracted terms. There are even instances where some employers offer their staff an unlimited holiday allowance! Yes, you read that right, this really does exist! (see organisations such as Virgin and Netflix), and employers that are offering these office perk benefits feel that as long as an employee is working hard, reaching their specific targets and not negatively impacting on others, why shouldn’t they have a few enjoyable perks along the way and keep motivation levels high and morale boosted?

Other examples of top office perks include: -

  • Free Training     
  • Free Onsite childcare
  • Free lunches/snacks
  • Health plans
  • Gym passes
  • Holiday buy/sell schemes
  • Birthday holidays
  • Duvet Days
  • Regular working from home days
  • Games rooms
  • Free Spa sessions
  • Flexible working patterns
  • Bring your dogs to work
  • Friday afternoon wind-down

Now we know unlimited holiday entitlement might be one of the ultimate employee perks, but the key is the fact the employer is trusting its employees to get the job done and in return, offering rewards for those that help them accomplish their goals. If that trust and responsibility is squandered, the risk is you lose your job and with benefits such as these, there’s bound to be a big queue of applicants just waiting to give their all.

Obviously smaller employers won’t have the budget to be able to offer some of these perks but even less costly ones, ones that improve the working environment etc. can significantly boost staff morale.

We’d love to hear your opinions on whether you think office perks are a good idea? Do you get any good perks? Does it make you work harder? Do you feel more appreciated?

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