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From Retail to Office - How To Transition


From Retail to Office – How to transition and gain necessary skills with Pitman Training Maynooth

Have you dreamt of working in an office, but your experience lies in retail?  Perhaps you researched your options and thought it was only possible to achieve your goal in a full-time traditional classroom setting, online study or classes taking place during hours you just cannot attend? Maybe your roster changes weekly with little notice or your working hours make studying and gaining a new qualification feel unattainable? It can be daunting and confusing not to mention exhausting trying to find exactly what you want - causing the very best of us to want to give up, resulting in us staying in an environment we ultimately want to leave.

Don’t give up!

Here at Pitman Training Maynooth we have a solution to not only help make this dream a reality but make the transition far easier than you may have thought possible. Flexibility, accessibility and convenience are crucial aspects we focus on while upholding a rigorous criteria and curriculum to the same standards as that of traditional colleges and universities. We provide a world renowned education that is tailorable to your unique needs but with a twist - unlike other online providers, whenever you need help or support, we have a dedicated team of course advisors and supervisors physically present in our centres and student rooms, on the other end of the phone and through email, supporting you throughout your studies.

Start your job hunt early

Countless Pitman Training Maynooth trainees began their new careers prior to finishing their qualifications which means before the end of the year you too could be exactly where you’ve dreamt of (and sooner than you thought) - but how to get started? Firstly, you need to decide what type of career you wish to pursue and if you’re unsure, do not worry, our course advisors can help you reach that decision.

Once you’ve chosen the Course, Award or Diploma that is best for you, it’s time to begin your studies which can be completed from the comfort of your own home, from within our centre using our student room, or through a combination of both. You can attend our facilities before work, after work, in the evenings and on Saturdays.

We encourage our students to start their new job search prior to finishing their studies. Why? Because many employers love people who upskill - they might ask for someone with 2 - 5+ years of experience in their advertisement, but in the end, they often hire someone who is motivated and has freshly acquired skills because many of those experienced people they advertise for are already employed.

See what one of our past students has to say about their experience transitioning from retail to an office job.

"I recently completed the Medical Admin Diploma in Maynooth. I had been trying to change careers but was getting nowhere. I asked the HR department in the hospital that I had been refused from and they told me I needed to up skill and the most popular course that they had seen on the CVs was the Pitman Medical Diploma.

I enquired about the cost and the availability of the course, and what I liked about it was I could go as fast or as slow as I wanted. I also liked the idea that you could pay a deposit and then make monthly instalments.

I got through the Microsoft modules but I did find I had to study at the medical modules. The Training Supervisors, Stacey and Yazmeen who were there in the office were very helpful and I really would have been lost without them. They always offered words of encouragement when I asked questions, I had not sat an exam in years and felt a bit foolish but the always made me feel like nothing was impossible and that I could get through it. They really made me feel welcome.

I got through it and before I received my cert I had been offered a job in Tallaght hospital and have not looked back since. I would recommend you even look at the facilities and decide then. Believe me, if I can do it anybody can."  Anita – Medical Admin Diploma





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