Becoming a PA can lead to a multitude of opportunities

Fast-Track Your Career – How Becoming A PA Can Lead to a Multitude of Opportunities


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Think PA life is admin, admin, admin? Think again with an array of exciting sector-specific PA careers.

Personal Assistants (PAs) are often misunderstood. With many considering PAs as secretaries or personal shoppers due to representations in the media and beyond, a career as a Personal Assistant isn’t always seen as well paid and professional – which couldn’t be further from the truth.

A day in the life

A typical day for a Personal Assistant can involve anything from organising appointments and events to dealing with invoices and bill payments. You might find that the personal and professional worlds of your client overlap, leading you to provide support inside and outside of the office’s four walls. It’s key to remember that the role of a PA can look very different depending on which sector you choose – acting as a PA for a sports star might mean dealing with business contacts and analytical matters, whereas a PA in the fashion industry may include more events and supplier liaison. Despite these differences, the role of a PA in whichever exciting sector you choose is a demanding, but thoroughly worthwhile, position.

A promising prospect

The current demand for PAs is high. And it’s not surprising seeing as PAs are needed both in the business and non-profit worlds, from organisations such as hospitals and schools to individuals with a noticeable presence such as CEOs, celebrities and politicians. But there is an element of variation. Whilst the average salary for a Personal Assistant in Ireland is around €40,000 per year, this can vary based on your level of experience, with entry-level roles earning up to €19,500 and experienced PAs earning over €50K. So, how can you set yourself apart in your chosen sector?

Skills and specialities

Whilst PAs are essential in most sectors, those with bespoke PA training are not only seen as more valuable, but they also have access to more career opportunities. To become a distinguished PA, you will need to be proficient in timekeeping and administration, whilst having good communication skills and the ability to schmooze with anyone, anywhere – after all, you are a key person who can influence your client’s reputation. Whilst your skillset will be used differently between sectors – you may need to analyse more data using your arithmetic skills to be a heavyweight CEO’s PA, for example – all are still vital to succeed as a Personal Assistant. It might seem daunting to develop a multitude of skills all at once, but Pitman Training is here to help…

So, where does Pitman Training fit in?

With Pitman Training’s comprehensive range of PA courses, you can learn all the essentials to becoming a Personal Assistant, without any of the drawbacks of university life. Swap outstanding student debt and uncomfortable study spaces with the freedom to work towards any of our PA qualifications at your own pace, whether this be online or offline - offering you an overview of how to progress your career as a PA.

Covering everything from the basics of working as a virtual assistant to the managerial side of becoming a PA, our courses are CPD-accredited and instantly enhance your CV. Whilst all the key skills you’ll need to become a PA in any field are provided through our exclusive Executive PA diploma, if you’re really looking to get a head start you can pair this course with a related Pitman Training programme to further improve your employability. Armed with an impressive skillset and CV, with our tailored PA training programmes you can begin to shape your future as you learn the skills to climb your chosen sector’s career ladder.

Fast-track your PA career | Pitman Training

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