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Careers for Women in Graphic Design



This week we focus on – Careers for Women in Graphic Design and graphic design training courses in Kerry

Graphic Design is a way to communicate visually with people, it may be a poster, an advertisement in a magazine, a website, a business logo or a mobile app or even an album cover. As a career graphic design is an attractive one in general for women along with working mums who try to find that perfect role to balance home and work commitments. This is one career where flexible working comes into its own as the opportunity to work from home or shorter /freelance hours and set-up business for yourself often presents itself. 

According to this recent article Ireland is finally catching up to the advantages of flexible working and the many roles that are suited to this. Both large and small companies are opening their minds to the large pool of prospective experienced employees in their 30s and 40s who would be attracted to roles once there was a flexible working package on offer. Graphic Design is a career that lends itself perfectly to this, you might be looking at refreshing yours skills to bring them up-to-date after a number of years or as is often the case re-training for a complete change of career path. Either way now is a great time for career advancement and jobs in Kerry.

Get researching what skills and training you need

Sometimes it can seem daunting to embark on a training course which will take months or years and even more nerve-wracking when you haven’t studied formally for a long time. Most of our Pitman Training courses in Kerry are designed so that you have the option to learn that new skill quickly and easily and with our tutor and course advisor support right behind you guiding you along the way you can overcome any barrier you feel you are facing. Our range or courses in Kerry in graphic design include:



What to do next?

Our team in Pitman Training Kerry can work with you to help you best choose your career path and offer guidance and advice on how to reach your goals. If the path you are aiming for involves a refresh of a skill-set or brand new training they are on-hand for any advice you may need such as relevant courses, CV or interview skills. Our training programmes are flexible and at times to work around each student so training can easily fit in around current work or family commitments. Students can train part-time, full-time, evenings, weekends and from home.

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