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Becoming a Medical Secretary in Naas



Becoming a Medical Secretary in Naas


The road to becoming a Medical Secretary with Pitman Training Naas is much easier than many might think. There are a few key skills a person needs to possess or improve on when considering this career path. 


Touch Typing - In a busy and demanding environment quick typing skills will make it much easier to keep up with the workflow.


Medical Terminology – Knowledge of frequently used terminology is a must in a GP office or Hospital. 


Microsoft Office – You will need various computer skills in your day to day work. From Microsoft Word to Microsoft Outlook we got you covered.


Medical Audio Transcription – Many doctors record patient notes for you to type. Remember that successful Audio Transcription is dependent on your touch-typing skills! 


Socrates GP Practice – This course is designed to teach you all about the most popular software withing a GP practice for patient management. 


View a full description of our Medical Secretary Diploma or Medical Admin Diploma to find out what other modules you will be studying during your training.


The best part about this training is that you will not only gain the skills necessary to become a Medical Secretary or Admin but also all the skills you need to work in other office-based professions. 


Why should you study with Pitman Training Naas?


The best part about studying with Pitman Training Naas is the fact that although our courses are accessible online you still receive ongoing support and are never left to deal with things alone. Once our training room re-opens you will also be able to continue your training there where our skilled and experienced learning coaches are always available to help you. 





What to do next?


Once you have updated or gained the necessary practical skills that we offer with our Medical Secretary and Medical Admin Diplomas in Pitman Training Naas you are ready to apply for the jobs. 


We often come across students worried that all the job advertisements state experience requirements. This is not something you should worry about much. We encourage you to apply for that position even if you have never worked a day in an office. You might have gained valuable experience in other settings that you are forgetting about. Our CV specialist will help you highlight those important aspects of your past experiences and improve on the layout of your resume. 


Our students prove every day that you do not need 5 years of experience to get hired. See what past Pitman Training students have to say here.


If you wish to discuss your options or have questions do not hesitate to contact us on 01 901 2033 or by emailing [email protected]




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