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Become an IT Technician in Clare 


Perhaps no sector in recent years has seen as much growth as the IT industry. With technological advancements taking place at such a rapid rate, over 17,500 jobs have been announced in Ireland in the last three years alone. Considered to be a highly underemployed industry with excellent entry level packages, there has never been a more lucrative time to venture into the IT world.


Does a career in IT sound appealing to you? With so many roles available from network maintenance to IT support, both entry level and professional skills are sought after. Deciding to upskill or take on new training could be the next step in your career.


First though, let’s look at the role and responsibilities of an IT Technician.


Responsibilities of an IT Technician

The primary role of an IT technician is giving IT support to their organisation. They ensure that the computer system of companies keep functioning and is well taken care of. Similarly, they also ensure that a company's employees and associates get the technical support they need.


A well-trained IT support staff ought to have a good mastery of IT skills and carry out the following responsibilities as and when they fall due:


  • Helping staff members with fixing hardware problems, installing computer software programs, configuring systems and individual computers
  • Providing operation and IT support to personnel
  • Organising IT training for staff members
  • Monitoring the quality and efficiency of a company’s software and hardware
  • Solving hardware and software problems manually and electronically
  • Providing upskilling services and leading IT innovations


Now that you know what an IT Technician position entails, it’s time to find out more about the benefits of becoming an IT Technician.


The benefits of becoming an IT Technician

There are lots of reasons for pursuing a career as an IT Technician, including:


Established and growing industry: IT technicians may work for a large multinational company such as Google or Apple, or a small family run business. One thing is for certain, the IT world is here to stay, both in Ireland and countries abroad, where demand for professionals often outnumbers candidates.


Valuable skills and transferable knowledge: New advances in software and hardware mean businesses outside the IT sector have a need for trained individuals. Skills can be transferred from tech companies to the medical sector to the building industry.


Excellent prospects: Starting salaries in the IT industry in Ireland are well above average, and typically double within five years. Companies understand the value of a trained and qualified IT technician and entice candidates with excellent packages.


Ease of training: Here at Pitman Training Clare you will gain new skills through our flexible training approach. Both in centre and at home training are on offer, as well as through a blended learning format. Take a look below at some of the IT Technician training and IT training courses that are available.


IT Support Technician Diploma: This diploma will help you learn how to install, repair, upgrade and maintain PCs and operating systems. A great choice if you're looking for a career in IT support.


Programming Fundamentals Diploma: Pitman Training's Programming Fundamental Diploma presents a superb opportunity to know about computer programming as a beginner.


Network Support Technician Diploma: If you already possess a good basic level of IT skills, this diploma can help you progress to the next level. It focuses on how to ensure an IT network is built, managed and maintained effectively.


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