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A career as a secretary in Waterford


A career as a secretary in Waterford


A secretary is a professional who carries out administrative and clerical activities within organisations. They may be assigned to a specific superior or serve larger groups and departments.


In certain organisations, secretaries also serve as receptionists and could be referred to as administrative assistants. All secretaries have an exciting and demanding career because they serve as the eyes and ears of organisations. Secretaries also serve as the face of the organisation, especially when they carry out the duties of a receptionist.




Some of the duties of a secretary include:

  • Clerical duties, such as typing reports and taking notes
  • Bookkeeping tasks, managing office expenditure
  • Receiving visitors and directing requests
  • Managing mails
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Organising office meetings


Essential skills of a secretary

Interpersonal and communication skills: Secretaries apply specific office skills in carrying out their duties. These skills include Interpersonal and communication skills: Secretaries are meant to represent the best interest of their office, boss, or organisation; therefore they are required to have excellent oral and written communication skills.


Organisational skills: Excellent organizational skills are also essential for secretaries to excel in their duties. A secretary also has to be familiar with office tools and processes, applying these office skills at their duties.


Job-specific skills: Although the skills mentioned above are required by all secretaries, secretaries in specific sectors such as medical secretaries and legal secretaries require skills that are specific to their industry. Legal secretaries should be very familiar with legal terminologies and possess legal writing skills. Medical secretaries would need medical report writing and transcribing skills. Executive secretaries would also require specific skills.


Training: Whether you are seeking a career as a general secretary or specialised secretary, undergoing specialised training Pitman Training Waterford offers you an opportunity to upskill towards a secretary role.




Pitman Training Waterford also offer specific courses for medical and legal secretaries some of which include: Medical Secretary Diploma and Legal Secretary Diploma. Our flexible training for acquiring office skills as well as receptionist skills include Office Skills Diploma and Receptionist Diploma.  We also offer Administrative Assistant Diploma and the Secretarial Diploma which is aimed at secretaries and intending secretaries.

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