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To uni or not to uni – that is the question

No one would blame you for not feeling comfortable going to university this year.

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To uni or not to uni – that is the question

No one would blame you for not feeling comfortable going to university this year. With campuses closed indefinitely, lectures taking place online and the only option to go out reduced to a weekly shopping trip to Aldi, it’s clear the university experience has very much been put on hold since the start of the pandemic. However, depending on the course you’re looking to take, some learning alternatives could benefit your future career just as much, if not more, than a university degree.

If you’ve decided not to commit yourself to university until COVID-19 clears, or to just not go to university at all, there are no downsides to gaining extra qualifications through an adult education course. Especially after the challenges of the pandemic, what you truly want to do in life is something many people are considering. So, if you choose to take a break before going to university or just want to pursue a job straight away, a short, flexible adult learning course will ensure you stay proactive and gain the skills to help you be successful.

Here are 5 benefits to taking an adult learning course:

1. It’s a cheaper and faster way to gain a qualification than going to university

University courses typically last around three years and can leave students with a large debt to repay. Therefore, if carrying around £40,000 of debt isn’t that appealing to you, you may be pleased to hear that an adult education course has a much lower fee in most cases in comparison to university course fees. At Pitman, you can also choose a training centre close to home, reducing the financial burden further. Taking one of the variety of courses Pitman offers can lead to a diploma in less than a year – perfect for someone who’s looking to take a year out and wants to improve their employability or enhance their skillset.

2. It can boost your CV or university application

If you plan on taking a year out before going to university, embarking on an adult education course means you’ll already be ahead of the curve when you do decide to go. However, the benefits of taking a training course don’t stop there. Completing a course in your own time shows future employers that you’re a self-starter and have the motivation to continually develop your skills –qualities employers are looking for.

With courses ranging from business administration to languages, the possibilities to boost your CV or university application are numerous. Pitman has been operating since 1837, and since then has enjoyed an unrivalled reputation which is highly respected by employers and universities alike.

3. You’re given help and support along the way

At Pitman, we provide learning coaches who are on hand to help students every step of the way. Having exceptional support and guidance means whenever you need advice or encouragement you have access to a coach who is right there by your side. A learning coach acts as an accountability partner for students, helping to motivate you, solve learning-related issues, and give guidance throughout the course. Having a coach who offers patient and professional advice increases your chance of success.

4. You can train anywhere, anytime

Unlike traditional universities, an adult education course doesn’t have a rigid course timetable with fixed terms, so training can easily fit around your work and home life. You have the flexibility to study at times that suit you and in an environment you’re comfortable with, thanks to our online course provision. Course flexibility and online learning are ideal for people who lead busy lifestyles. Whether you work a part-time or full-time job or don’t work at all, you have the option of completing your course at your own pace.

5. You have access to handy city and town centre locations

If online learning isn’t your thing, having the option to come into a training centre (restrictions permitting) is a great way to learn because it allows you to get out of the house and escape the stresses of your day-to-day life. In our centres, you will learn around like-minded people and benefit from engaging with our learning coaches face-to-face. Pitman Training centres are always easy to get to and open six days a week, so it’s simple for you to pop in whenever you want.

Whether you’re looking to take a year out from university until the end of the pandemic, or just looking for a quicker and more cost-effective alternative to help you start a new career, an adult education course puts the power back into your hands. With courses, seminars and diplomas designed for specific careers and workplace requirements, there’s an option to suit everyone at Pitman.

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