Are you in the best position to take a role in one of the leading sectors of the next decade?

Are you in the best position to take a role in one of the leading sectors of the next decade?

Are you in the best position to take a role in one of the leading sectors of the next decade?

After a difficult year with redundancies and job losses happening around the globe, our adult learning courses are designed to help you forge ahead in your career. We’ve looked at industry and government data to collate a list of the sectors expected to lead the pack over the next decade so you can prepare yourself to be in the best possible position to take advantage of the job market. Whether you’ll want to upskill to achieve a promotion in your current industry or choose a change of profession completely, we’re here to help guide you to your perfect career.

Where to start

Whatever your previous experience, taking a role in one of the leading sectors of the next decade means you need to know what to prepare for. In the UK, human health and social activities currently remains the largest sector in terms of vacancy levels 1 . The six biggest industries in the UK which are expected to remain strong are human health and social work activities, supermarkets, hospitals, charities, general secondary education and temporary employment agencies 2 . Roles in these areas are all considered to offer good career paths for the foreseeable future.

Once you’ve decided on which sector or industry you’d like to progress towards, a course at Pitman Training could be the stepping stone to get you ahead when applying for a role in one of the UK’s thriving sectors. We offer a range of training and professional development courses – you may want to start off with a short training course and then decide you want to take on a career focused Diploma? We can help you achieve your goals with our uniquely flexible training.

The courses here to help

Pitman Training offers a range of courses, awards and diplomas. Before even considering the specifics, we offer a range of courses for job seekers to boost their CVs, or for people simply looking to upskill to boost their chances at climbing the career ladder:

  • Successful Job Interview
  • Communication Skills
  • Team Development
  • Working with Stress
  • Working with Assertiveness
  • LinkedIn for Jobseekers
  • A range of Microsoft Office courses
  • Pitman English.

In terms of sector-specific training, here at Pitman we offer a whole host of courses that align with the biggest industries and sectors with a wealth of opportunities.

Human health and social work activities – Medical Secretary course, Communication Skills, Customer Care seminar, Health and Safety Essentials, Report Writing, Medical Office Award, Medical Terminology, Medical Word Processing

Supermarkets – Costing and Pricing, Handling Conflict and Confrontation, Team Development, Supervisory Skills, Customer Care seminar, IT Support Technician Diploma

Hospitals – Medical Secretary course, Medical Receptionist diploma, Communication Skills, Health and Safety Essentials, Medical Office Award, Medical Audio Transcription, Medical Terminology, Medical Word Processing, Server Support Technician Diploma 

Charities – HR Assistant Diploma, HR Essentials, Team Development course, Event Management Essentials, IT Office Administrator Diploma

General secondary education – Leadership Skills, Presentation Skills, Successful Meetings and Minutes, Microsoft Office Award, Project Management Award

Temporary employment placement agencies – LinkedIn for Jobseekers, LinkedIn for Business, HR Assistant Diploma, HR Essentials, Managing Internal & External Workplace Communications, Recruiting for Success.

Our ‘Go Get That Job’ poll results

During Pitman’s ‘Go Get that Job’ webinar held in January, we asked our 400 participants what they believed the biggest barrier to getting hired was. Almost a quarter of participants believed the biggest barrier to getting hired was lack of confidence, while around 35% believed the biggest barrier was lack of work experience. Participants also expressed challenges they faced when applying for jobs such as returning to work after having children, or wanting to make a career change, but also many of our participants highlighted being unsure of where to begin because of the pandemic.

At Pitman Training, our team is here to help you work through any challenges and barriers you face to career progression. We survey all our students once they’ve completed courses with us and one of the over-arching responses is a general increase in confidence to take their career forward. And we offer over 250 self-paced, flexible training courses, which you can start at any time to ensure you find a way of training that suits your lifestyle.

What one of our graduates said…

After spending the last 10 years as a beautician, Noelle Sloane finally decided it was time for a change in career. Noelle took Pitman Training’s Medical Secretary Diploma which has helped her to pursue a career in the health sector.

“Pitman helped me massively over the course of my diploma. I now work as a medical secretary and absolutely love it. Because of my diploma from Pitman, I was able to start my job with the confidence that I had all the relevant training behind me. Pitman also helped me with my CV when I was ready to apply for a new job which was a huge help.

“The programme was brilliant - I especially loved the option of taking the course online. The course’s flexibility allowed me to train outside of my working hours, meaning I could get on with the work at my own pace. Having access to a learning coach was another bonus.

“My advice to anyone who’s considering changing career paths is that they should go for it! It’s probably the best decision I’ve ever made. Pitman made me feel very comfortable and I want to say a huge thank you to all the team.”

The next step

If you’re looking for a career change, or simply want to re-engage in the world of learning, Pitman Training can help you take that first step. Our guidance and courses are ideal for getting ahead in your career.

No matter what, when, how and where you choose to study, you can be assured that everything is quality-marked by having the Pitman Training name – and we’ll give you all the help and support you need along the way.

1 Office of National Statistics
2 Ibis World

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