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Not going to Uni?

Not Going to Uni? What path to take? We’re here to help

Some of the courses you might find useful to explore when not going to uni and starting out on your career path are:-

Administrative Assistant Diploma

Event Management Diploma

Graphic Design Diploma

Legal Secretary Diploma 

Professional Executive PA Diploma 

All of the above offer a fantastic grounding to career development within a whole host of different industries where you can work your way up, with good earning potential.

We'd also recommend you have a look around the wider Advice Centre as we’ve lots more info designed to support you across getting a job, training and skills development along with insights into some sectors to consider.

Take a look at: - 

You might also find this course useful: LinkedIn for Jobseekers

For individual guidance and advice about the best options for you when not going to uni and developing your career plans, don't hesitate to get in touch with one of our Course Advisors in a centre near you.

We hope you find this resource useful to help you consider the next step on your career path.

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