Group Training

You could save time and money with group training

Can these packages be tailored?

Whatever, your requirements, give us a call and we'll try and create the right training for the needs of your team. Group training can be considerably more cost-effective and at Pitman Training you can be guaranteed of the quality and standards that are being delivered.

What are the benefits of group training?

  1. It's more likely that things that students are uncertain off will be discussed because there are more people to speak up and ask questions.
  2. The shared experience means that if there are any queries or questions on the are of study in the future there are other people that may be able to help.
  3. A group can promote competitiveness, creativity, open discussions and debates to enhance learning.
  4. An interactive environment can keep you focused.  interactive environment with less distraction.

Where can the groups be taught?

We appreciate that all your staff are busy so we want to be as flexible as possible. Our training experts can come to your offices if this would be more convenient. Alternatively, you may want to limit any day-to-day distractions and have an away-day at one of our conveniently located centres.



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