Kim Dash – Administration Certificate

Congratulations to Kim Dash for completing her Administration Certificate, a set of courses put together to make best use of the ReAct funding available to people who have been made redundant in Wales. Of her training, Kim says:

I found myself redundant after 30 years in retail. I had been wanting a change of career due to age and illness. I had decided on administration.  

Funds were available to use, so I thought a computer course I am complete novice with these things. I looked at several training centres I was speaking to Hazia at Pitman Cardiff. I told her that I really wanted to enter into medical secretary or medical receptionist training, but I knew nothing about courses or even if I would be able to finish one. Pitman made me a tailor-made cluster of subjects, each with there own validation test and certificates.

I was so nervous getting started, but after the initial start-up of induction, I got into the swing of things. It is such a flexible system which for me was great, coursework at 2 am or 7 pm. It fitted perfectly into my every day I couldnt type for fudge, If Im honest I think I enjoyed that the most. (Even though the spellchecker has come in handy today J). Half way through the course I gained employment as Receptionist at the local Hospital for which Im very proud. The confidence came from the encouragement and the knowledge I was doing this course and several of the learning coaches. Thankyou Jay and Lesley-Ann. They have been marvellous.

If asked I would say give Pitman a ring as if you are not sure where to go or what to do next in life with education, then Im sure they will guide you there. I believe that in the future I might do some add on courses, I am so pleased I did it.”

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