Karen O’Callaghan - Student Testimonial Cambridge

I have a degree in Visual Operations Management, and this has been my career to date. I decided that I wanted a change into a more administrative role.

As I live near to Cambridge, I wanted to look for a training centre near to me.

The administrative assistant diploma was perfect for me as a basis, with a view to go further and maybe do an Executive PA Diploma.

I chose Pitman because they are well established, and they have been around for a long time and have a great reputation. I also wanted to have a real person and a physical place I could go to if I needed help with my course. The online courses could not compete with this.

Tina – my learning coach is absolutely brilliant! Any time I have a question, or I am unsure of something I just ask Tina and she can explain it in a way that makes perfect sense to me. If I didn’t have the immediate support of Tina, this would make my training take longer while I looked for support. Having someone on hand at all times is invaluable.

Based on my experience so far I would say Pitman Training is value for money and well worth it. I think most people have heard of Pitman and whenever I tell anyone about my course, I highly recommend this training centre.

The atmosphere in the Cambridge centre is really nice and positive. Having a personal induction to the course with Tina where I was able to ask questions helped to build my confidence.

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