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Step towards a Management career in Waterford! If you are thinking of going for that supervisory promotion, office management position, managing a team or managing a project then we have the information for you to get started in Waterford today.

The lure of Management as a Career path is strong. 

In most organisations, managerial positions range from front-line supervisory positions to the top manager in the company, the CEO. In between there are departmental managers, general managers, office managers, product and project managers (focussed on initiatives and offerings) and a range of different roles which many not be manager by title but are management roles in practice.

The Work of a Manager:

The focus of the individual varies depending upon his or her level in the organisational structure of the company they are working in however a broad range of activities for all managers includes:

  • Hiring and developing qualified employees for their teams.
  • Developing and coaching direct reports
  • Guiding the work of the team in pursuit of key goals and objectives
  • Managing costs and budgets
  • Fostering a positive working environment for all participants 
  • Working across functions in pursuit of new initiatives or problem solving activities
  • Communicating and sharing new targets, ideas and results and goals
  • Supporting team members as they navigate challenges
  • Resolving disagreements and resource-related issues


What can the Pitman Training Management Diploma offer you?

The Management Diploma was developed for the sole purpose of equipping newly appointed managers and team leaders with the essential skills they'll need to manage a team. A great training programme for any aspiring manager. 

Core courses include Communications in an OrganisationDifferent Leadership Attributes and SkillsHR Essentials in IrelandIntroduction to Irish Business Structure & LawPersonalities, Profiles and Plans, Time ManagementUnderstanding Business Accounts in IrelandMicrosoft ExcelMicrosoft WordMicrosoft OutlookMicrosoft Powerpoint.

Elective courses can be chosen from a number such as Team DevelopmentBookkeeping Module 1Interpersonal Communications, Marketing Principles and Practices, Sales Training with SalesLearn, Managing Internal & External Workplace CommunicationsMarketing MixSage 50 Accounts, Microsoft Expert levels for Word and Excel, Principles Standards and Conventions of Accounting and more.

Guideline Learning is 230 hours flexi-study, within 3 months for full-time training or up to 12 months for part-time training. 


The work of a Project Manager:

Project Managers are responsible for all of the work we do once in the form of projects in our organisation. In this difficult role, the individual is responsible for bringing together a team of individuals to create something new. Once the project is completed, the manager moves on to focus on a new initiative and a new team. Typically project managers do not have direct managerial team leading however they spend their days working with, coaching, helping and developing people.

What can the Pitman Training Project Manager Diploma offer you?

The Project Manager Diploma has been created to help you learn all the skills required to effectively plan, progress and complete a project. You cover topics that are aligned to the renowned Prince2 methodology.

Core courses include Prince2 FoundationMicrosoft Project, Project Management Fundamentals,Time ManagementMicrosoft WordMicrosoft ExcelMicrosoft OutlookCosting and Pricing.

Elective courses can be chosen from a number such as Communications in an OrganisationSocial Media Strategy for BusinessMicrosoft Access and Effective Business Communication and more.

Guideline Learning time is 200 hours flexi-study, within 3 months for full-time training or up to 12 months for part-time training. 



The work of an Office Manager:

Also known as administrative service managers or the business office manager are responsible for making sure that the company's support staff are running smoothly. This can take many forms and depends on the size and type of the company, so it could mean organising, planning and overseeing a large pool of administrative assistants or working with one or two people in a smaller office.

Office Managers make sure that the office runs smoothly, which includes keeping supplies of stock, making sure administrative and office staff are doing their job, working with vendors, planning events, making sure facilities are clean and ensuring general cost-efficiency with utility companies.


What can the Pitman Training Office Manager Diploma offer you?

This Diploma is designed to teach you the fundamental skills you will need to turn into a highly valued and well-paid Office Manager who can confidently juggle different tasks. You need to have a broad range of skills across a wide range of disciplines. On one day you could be interviewing new members of staff, the next managing your office bookkeeping and payroll.


Core courses include HR Essentials in IrelandTypaz (Touch Typing course), Time ManagementEffective Business CommunicationMicrosoft WordMicrosoft ExcelMicrosoft OutlookMicrosoft PowerpointBookkeeping Module 1Health & Safety Essentials and Successful Meetings & Minutes.


Elective courses can be chosen from a number such as Sales Training with SalesLearn, Costing and PricingEvent Management EssentialsDifferent Leadership Attributes and SkillsUnderstanding Business Accounts in Ireland, Payroll - Manual & Computerised and more.

Guideline Learning time is 215 hours flexi-study, within 3 months for full-time training or up to 12 months for part-time training. 


The positives of a Career in Management:

There are many great reasons to pursue a career in management, a primary one being the ability to impact your organisation in a bigger way than in any other role. You also gain many rewards from developing great people over time, you become involved in defining how the business improves and changes, you get satisfaction out of problem-solving and trouble-shooting and you certainly develop your own skills for leading and coaching.


So why wait, get started now on your way to your dream Career in Management and let Pitman Training Waterford help you reach your goal. To find out more about the Diploma courses mentioned here and our blended learning flexi-study approach visit Pitman Training Waterford today or call us on 051 574 136 or WhatsApp/SMS 086 739 9557 or email [email protected]


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