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Learn to touch type on one of the Pitman typing courses.  Touch typing skills are the foundations of computer literacy and confidence – fast, accurate typing and number input can revolutionise your experience at work and ensure you’re a highly productive member of any team. Pitman Training offers some of the best typing classes in the market. What’s more we’re highly respected, so you can be confident that you’ll have the skills employers want.

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Touch-typing is a skill that’s in great demand - but choosing the right touch typing training is vital. Ours is the very best - and the Pitman Training name on your CV is worth its weight in gold. We'll increase your work-rate and help you learn to touch-type up to 20-40+ words a minute as you progr...

Typing course - typaz professional online

An online touch typing course, typaz professional lets you learn to touch type with greater speed and accuracy at locations to suit you - our dedicated training centres, at work or home with full flexibility to suit your timetable. Over 10 keyboard lessons and more, we’ll train you to high proficie...

Typing course - Keyboard Speed Development

Learning how to type fast is one thing; learning to type faster and still maintain your accuracy is quite another. This course will improve typing speed and keep your accuracy up to scratch too - so you'll be more efficient and productive. Over four stages of the course, we can take you as high as...

Typing course - Numeric Data Entry

Typing numbers is a laborious process. Make no mistake though, touch-typing those numbers will improve your productivity and make every task much less painstaking and tedious. Touch typing is something that we at Pitman Training know a great deal about - which is why having our name on your CV will...

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